Jadey In Naughty Mesh Microminimus Bikinis

Oh naughty, naughty!

Go behind the scenes of Jadey’s steamy new photoshoot for Microminimus.

In this new behind the scenes video, you’ll get to see Microminimus model Jadey turn up the heat on set in a very sheer and sexy new bikini collection.

Jadey sure knows how to rock these sultry styles. Who thought daisies could be so naughty? 😉

You’ll see Jadey wear the Microminimus Daisy Chain bikini range. This bikini is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. Innocent yet naughty. Flirty yet chic.

It might look harmless at first…

But once you take a closer look, you’ll realize it’s very sultry and even a little bit dangerous. ‘Cause the woman who wears this bikini is not afraid of anything!

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