Lauren models Reckless Noir, Revelation, Bora Bora, St. Luca & Koh Samui Micro Bikini Range

Life’s too short to wear boring bikinis.

That’s why you’ll love the fabulous Microminimus micro bikinis Lauren models in this video!

From strappy and sheer to bold and downright naughty… these bikinis are for women like you who aren’t afraid to make a daring splash wherever she goes. 😉

Spot the sexy black and white bikini Lauren wears? This naughty bikini is sheer, even before you go in the water! You just love to give onlookers a thrill. Which is why the Reckless Noir bikini is the perfect partner in crime for your naughty escapades.

When you go out, you make it a point to look as hot and sexy as possible! That’s why you’ll love the Microminimus Revelation Top & Skirt Lauren also wears in this video. With seductive cutouts and daring details to show off your curves… An outfit of this magnitude is guaranteed to cause a disruption!

From the way you walk, to the bikinis you wear…There’s something thrilling and naughty about everything you do! So why not add TWO new sultry bikinis to your collection?

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