Naughty Strings & See-Through Bikinis: Tayla Wears Microminimus

Watch Tayla rock these sultry looks: naughty strings and see-through bikinis!

This lady is just perfect for Microminimus.

Let Tayla turn up the heat today with this new Microminimus video. So what are you waiting for? Watch this exclusive behind the scenes video of this lady during her shoot with Microminimus.

Isn’t she lovely? 😉 To which you’ll surely agree: YES!

Tayla wears the Microminimus Exclusive – The Domino Bikini! We know, we know. This bikini should come with a warning. ‘Cause when you wear it, you can only go two ways – Sexy or Sexier. It’s sheer even when dry – but if you want to go naughtier, then get it wet!

She also wears the super soft, super cute, and super hot – Beach Club Shorts and Skirt.

Perfect for all MM women with mutual love for all things sexy and tiny!

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