Sexy Zara: Smokin’ Hot From Head to Toe In Microminimus

Sexy Zara: Smokin’ Hot From Head to Toe In Microminimus

Warning: this video is one minute of pure hotness! Take it from Zara to take sexiness to another level in this new Microminimus video.

Oh, Zara! This babe is sizzling and we’re all here for it.
Modelling two of the latest Microminimus Exclusive Bikinis, she shows everyone how it’s done. And we just can’t get enough.
How about you? 😉

Honestly, we know one minute is not enough. So totally understandable if you hit play again (and again, and again!).
You’re welcome.

Zara wears the Island Dream Bikini. This bikini is here in celebration of the 10th Birthday of Microminimus!

She also wears the Reckless Bright Times Exotic Hibiscus Bikini. The perfect see-through bikini for mesmerizing strangers, if you know what I mean. 😉 Start spreading sheer wickedness.

Zara is on Instagram! Follow this sexy gal here: @zara_mander

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