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2024 Microminimus Birthday Matt Indigo Blossom 457 Micro Bikini Bottom

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2024 Microminimus Birthday Matt Indigo Blossom 457 Micro Bikini Bottom

  • Smallest classic bottom (micro just the way you want it!).
  • Thin side straps.
  • Tri-back cut exclusive for the Birthday range.
  • Silver rings and hard wear in swim-grade stainless steel.
  • Iconic Microminimus M silver flag at the front.
  • 2024 Birthday logo print at the back.

Your Weapon Of Seduction

Imagine wielding a power so captivating, every glance in your direction becomes a double-take. Enter the Indigo Bloom Bikini—your ultimate weapon of seduction, masterfully crafted into the form of a bikini. Envision your arrival at the beach: Clad in the vibrant hues of Indigo Bloom, each step you take is a testament to unparalleled seduction. As you lounge casually, sipping your drink, you catch them: The effect is instantaneous: Onlookers caught in a spell, wide-eyed, jaws dropping, and even tripping over their own feet. It’s not just the heat causing them to sweat; it’s your bikini’s undeniable hotness. So, go ahead, unleash the vixen in you with Indigo Bloom… And watch the world fall at your feet - just remember to help them back up! ;)

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Micro Bikini Bottoms | 457 | Matt Lycra | Blue

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It’s our Birthday and we are giving you a present!

This year the Indigo Blossom Birthday Bikini is our Exclusive Limited Edition Matt Lycra range for 2024. 🥳

This ultra-sexy bikini is made from our best-selling Matt Lycra fabric (high quality and long-lasting nylon lycra!), with print contrast bind and Straps! 🤩

And all women's bottoms come with our classic Birthday Logo Print 😘

80% Nylon 20% Elastane - High quality and long-lasting nylon lycra for a snug yet flexible fit – it's the epitome of durability and seductive style.

Ladies Sizing Guide

Harmony wears a Small/Medium Sling, Small Top, Bottoms & One Piece, X-Small Dress

Harmony's Measurements
Bust33.5 in / 85 cm
Waist25.5 in / 65 cm
Hips36.5 in / 93 cm
Height5'5 in / 168 cm

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