Neon Flamingo Matt Lycra Set & Mesh Lighthouse Shorts PACK

From: $140.00 USD

If you could pick a bird… which one would you be?

Totally swear it’s not a trick question. Just curious.

Some might pick a swan, for its poise and grace.

Others might pick a hummingbird, because they’re so gosh darn cute.

That all seems a bit goody-two-shoes though…

But a flamingo – that’s something to talk about!

That pop of pink is impossible to miss. Which is exactly what inspired the Neon Flamingo Bikini.

The flamingo is a crowd favorite. And you always have been too…especially beachside.

Because when you wear your ultra-hot micro-mini bikinis.

People can’t help but flock right to you.

How does a hot girl cool down on a summery day?

Stay indoors? Doesn’t really sound like you.

Tropical drinks? Well, yes if cocktails are involved.

A wild day at the beach? In teeny-tiny clothes!

Of course…

But what about kicking it up a notch?

Say revamp your super short shorts…

Into something that speaks more of YOU.

That’s what these Mesh Lighthouse Shorts are for.

Because you are made to step into naughty-ness.

THAT sounds like you.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Dana is wearing size SMALL bikinis.

Bust 34/86.5
Waist 27/68.5
Hips 36/91.5
Height 5’7/175

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