Reckless Bright Times Exotic Hibiscus Top

Wildly Colorful

Take me away to a tropical paradise by the sea. Somewhere exotic, beautiful and wildly colorful. A new place I can add to my list. Full of strangers I have yet to mesmerize, if you know what I mean. Oh, just me and my Reckless Bright Times Exotic Hibiscus Bikini… Tanning, enjoying, and having the best time. Spreading sheer wickedness to fascinated onlookers. Treating everyone to a mystical scene. 😉

The Microminimus Reckless Bright Times Exotic Hibiscus Bikini is made from a daring combination of sheer Lycra and soft mesh. This bikini is sheer even before you get it wet. Grab everyone’s attention with its powerful combination of striking colors!

85% Nylon 15% Elastane.

The 306 Tri Top is a true icon on the beach. A classic and sexy style with the mesh (see-through!) panels featured in the center – giving everyone a peek of you. This style features high quality and rust proof silver rings, and is adjustable around both the neck and underbust – so you can always get a perfect fit. Size down for less coverage and size up for bigger!

The 349 Crop Top features sexy mesh panels in the front, and high quality and rust proof silver rings and sliders on the adjustable straps. This style also features the iconic M silver logo flag at the back, and rubber at the waist for extra security. This style offers medium coverage.

Zara wears a Small Top

Bust 32in / 83cm
Waist 23in / 60cm
Hips 31in / 80cm
Height 5’4in / 166cm


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Reckless Bright Times ~ Exotic Hibiscus

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