Reckless Revolution 306 Top

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A sexy revolution is happening…
An uprising of strong women.
Bold women.
Ones that thrive on the rush… the thrill…
Of gutsy choices.
And guess who’s leading this sultry pack?
YOU, of course.
Fearless and gorgeous.
You’re quite the daredevil, wearing your Reckless Revolution Bikini.
Flaunting your best assets.
Making your stand.
Those that scoff at the reckless… they just don’t get it.\
Or understand how to own the power that comes with having ALL eyes on you.
(Without dropping one damn apology.)
But you do!

How hot is that?

Dana is wearing size Medium bikinis.

Bust 34/86.5
Waist 27/68.5
Hips 36/91.5
Height 5’7/175
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