Tempest Multi Pink and Mint Collection

It's you.. the tempest in a teacup

The siren of the storm.. the mischief one who breaks hearts..

Each step you make is an earthquake..

Each sway is a tidal wave..

The world seems to hold its breath as you pass

Hearts are pounding as they whisper “the calm is over, here comes the storm”

You're not just a woman, you're a force of nature

You're the storm they've been waiting for!

So go ahead, let the world see your storm

Let them feel your power

Unleash the tempest, and let them be swept away
The NEW Microminimus Tempest Bikini is for the boldest. This ultra-sexy bikini leaves little to the imagination, just how you like it! It is made from high quality and long-lasting nylon lycra. It’s designed to stretch and shape around your body, so you can always get a perfect fit!

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