Dare to bare with the Microminimus micro bikini top. It’s bold. It’s stylish. It’s all the rage. Mesh designs? Check. Sheer when wet? Absolutely. This isn’t just swimwear, it’s a statement. Let’s dive in!


Classic and chic. Minimal design, maximum impact. Size is all about coverage bigger the size the bigger the triangle. Versatile? You bet. Tri-tops are the go-to for bikini lovers everywhere.

Crop Tops

It’s a sassy, midriff-flaunting micro bikini top. Tight, short, and oh-so-chic. Perfect for turning up the heat, whether you’re on the beach or the dance floor.


Supportive and stylish. Ideal for those needing a little extra. Function meets fashion in these must-haves.

Underwire Tops

These micro bikini tops are here to lift you up. Literally. Perfect for the bigger bust. Offering the lift, push and support you need.

Clip Tops

Microminimus clip tops are all about convenience and style. Easy on, easy off. A beachgoer’s best friend.

Tri-top, crop top, halter, underwire, or clip top, there’s a Microminimus micro bikini top for every beach babe. So, why wait? Dive into these styles today. Find your perfect Microminimus micro bikini top. Make waves. Turn heads. Be unforgettable.