Skye Wears The Illusion Lycra: A Naughty Microminimus Behind The Scenes Video

Skye is back at Microminimus and she’s hotter than ever!

She shows us the new Microminimus Illusion Lycra in this sexy video.

Watch Skye as she creates a naughty illusion wearing the Illusion Lycra Bikinis. With its clear straps, this bikini is designed to play with everyone’s mind. Is it there? Is it not? Well, you just have to look closely.

Plus, the Illusion Lycra Bikini’s clear straps will give you minimal tan lines. Just the way you like it. Intrigued now? Better get yours or surprise your special someone with a sultry new bikini.

Skye also gives us an exciting sneak peek to one hot dress that will be coming out soon! Want to get first dibs of this sexy new release?

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