Lighthouse Fuchsia and Jade 561 Short 2560x870(new)
Lighthouse Fuchsia and Jade 561 Short 1000x1000 MM

Welcome to Microminimus, the home of the micro bikini.

This is the extraordinary world of Microminimus, the ultimate destination for the micro bikini, combining the bikini’s we love wear with the women who wear them and the men who admire them; because we’re not only a shop, we’re a community. And our cheeky, provocative, and super sexy micro bikinis are the cornerstone. Do you believe in the power of less? Because less fabric = more skin, more confidence, and more fun! So join us, in our love and celebration, of the micro bikini.
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Nobody loves the Microminimus micro bikini more than the Fiery, confident women of the community. Why? because our  micro bikinis are designed and made by us and available no where else and of a quality that lasts. From sheer and mesh bikinis to solid designs with cheeky cutouts, there’s a micro bikini for every occasion. Explore the tiny tops, bottoms, and one pieces and discover rush of wearing a Show Stopper one piece down to the beach

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