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Jadey’s Hot Pick For Bikini Contest 👄

Feeling competitive? Ready to turn up the heat and command the spotlight like never before? Step into the seductive world of bikini contests with Jadey’s expert guidance. Discover her secret formula for selecting the sexiest competition bikini that will not only help you dominate the stage but also captivate hearts along the way. So, hit […]

Celebrate Our Lucky 13th Birthday with Sexy Micro Bikinis

Hey, party people! 🎉  Want a sneak peek behind the scenes? Come on over and watch our exclusive 13th Birthday video! We’ve got all the inside scoop on our limited edition 2024 collections, including the ultra-sexy Indigo Blossom Birthday Bikini and the stunning Tropical Summer Birthday Bikini. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out […]

Ilana’s Little Sparkling Black Lingerie 🌙✨

🌙 Ready for a steamy midnight affair? Join Ilana in her behind-the-scenes video in oh-so-sexy little black sparkly lingerie. ✨✨ It’s the perfect recipe for a night of sizzling seduction – dive into the heat of the night with us. 🔥💋 Stroke of Midnight 🌔✨ 🏫 The clock strikes twelve but your sultry fairytale doesn’t […]

Melissa & Lauren: Rocking their Sexy Peek-A-Booty Shorts

Bootylicious babes, assemble! Melissa and Lauren are serving major #leggoals in our peek-a-booty shorts for women – Light House edition. 👀🍑 We’ve got exclusive video footage bursting with sexy goodness – click the link and join the fun! Look All You Want 👀 Attention, beach bunnies! ️Can you hear the waves calling? Feel the cool […]

Glitter Game On! ✨ Can Ilana Slay in Her Elegant Dress?

Go behind-the-scenes with Ilana as she embodies the timeless glamour of the elegant dress – The Microminimus Aura in Plum. ✨✨ Don’t miss out on the fun – hit play and let’s get this show started! 🔮 Under Your Spell 🔮 My dear, tonight isn’t just another scene, it’s your moment to rewrite the rules. […]

Skye Moodyy: Licensed to Seduce in Her Bond Bikini

🔥Get ready for some serious heat! Watch the sizzling behind-the-scenes footage of Skye in her iconic and dangerously sexy Bond Bikini. Don’t resist the temptation, hit play now! 💋🎥 License To Seduce 🫦 Grab your martini, darling, because you’re about to infiltrate a mission hotter than any Bond film. Prepare to captivate and seduce like […]

🔥 HOT: Exclusive Look at Heather’s Bold Mesh Bikini

Join Heather in her electrifying behind-the-scenes photoshoot and find out how she  pulled off her fearless look with her bold mesh bikini — The Microminimus Reckless Neon Crush. Whole New Game 👀 Ever wondered what happens when bold meets beach fashion? Heather sets the scene in a jaw-dropping micro mesh bikini – brace yourself because […]

Amy Channels Her Inner Goddess In her Mini Dress

Watch how Amy channels her inner Goddess with her Nefertiti Mini Dress in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video! 🔥  Your Own Sexy Queen 👑  Hey gorgeous queens, Remember Nefertiti? That legendary ruler with beauty that sparked wars and whispered myths? Yeah, picture that kind of power when you slip into the Microminimus Nefertiti Mini Dress. We’re […]

New Obsession: Jadey’s Minty & Super Sexy Mesh Micro Bikini

Get ready to peek and get obsessed with Jadey’s behind-the-scenes adventure with her sexy mesh micro bikini. 🥵 Extra Wild Fantasy Attention, daring couple! Are you ready to turn your wildest fantasies into reality? Gents, picture your lovely wife slipping into the seductive charm of a sexy mesh micro bikini, becoming the center of attention. […]

Seduce Your Valentine’s Date with Ilana’s Daring Lingerie

L Get ready for a steamy behind-the-scenes video with Ilana as she spills the beans on seduction secrets and flaunts her daring lingerie. 🫦 Set The Mood 🔥 Looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day plans? ? If none yet, Ilana got you covered! How about setting the mood with a seductive playlist, candlelight casting […]

Tadgh Wildly Master Men’s Swimwear With Confidence

Are you ready to witness a sultry encounter with Heather and Tadhg with their matching wild bikini and men’s swimwear collection? The heat is on as they unravel a seductive behind-the-scenes adventure, setting the beach ablaze with desire. 🔥 A Secret Every Man Must Know 💑 Dive into the New Microminimus Men’s Swimwear Collection— a […]

Tamika & Tayla’s Divinely Sexy Mesh Bikini

Get ready for some serious eye candy as we give you an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes of Tayla and Tamika rocking their smoking hot 🔥 sexy mesh bikini — The Microminimus Bora Bora. Created By The Gods Tamika and Tayla effortlessly embody the essence of two Goddesses and they’re bringing the hear in their sexy mesh […]

Rachel & Temmi’s Spicy, Sexy Mesh Dress

— Get ready to witness Rachel and Temii’s spicy escapade in their behind-the-scenes video. So, buckle up, darling, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride where they flaunt their extra sexy mesh dress! Extra! Raychel and Temmi’s confidence soars to celestial heights with their sexy mesh dress from Microminimus. In every scenario, […]

Amy’s Oh-So Sexy and Super Sheer Lingerie

Prepare for a steamy encounter with Amy’s behind-the-scenes video as she seduces everyone in her super sheer lingerie — The Microminimus Electric Illusion. 💋 Soundtrack of the Night  Amy, the epitome of sensuality draped in the alluring glow of her neon sheer lingerie – The Microminimus Electric Illusion in pink & yellow color. Picture yourself […]

Grace’s Showstopping Beauty in Her See-through Bikini and Dress

Watch as Grace unveils her see-through bikini and her dress, bringing the universe to a halt in this behind-the-scenes video featuring the Microminimus Show Stopper Collection Pack in Ethereal White. The Grand Reveal Grace, the center of attention in her see-through bikini, held the world in her gaze, and for that suspended moment, the entire […]

Heather’s Extra Naughty and Extra Unique Seductive Lingerie

Buckle up and crave the desire in Heather’s behind-the-scenes video of her Seductive Lingerie — Microminimus Pierced in Black. Strip Pierce Heather wears the extra naughty Microminimus Pierced Lingerie, making everyone crave this seductive lingerie. Pierced Lingerie is crafted from a fine stretch mesh, this sheer collection boasts sophistication and daring in equal measure.  The […]

Minki’s Irresistibly Sexy Tiny Bikini

Brace yourself for an intimate encounter with Minki’s provocative tiny bikini in her behind-the-scenes video of Microminimus Cyclone Bikini. Thunderstruck Minki is so irresistibly sexy in her Microminimus Cyclone Bikini — now, in a BERRY sexy color. This tiny bikini is a high-quality combination of super-soft, light, stretch fabric with a satin feel, and fine […]

Ariana’s Double Sweet Treats for Cyber Monday Deal

Ariana’s behind-the-scenes video, unveiling her latest collection of sweet and tempting lingeries, sets desire ablaze and sends tingles through the senses this festive season! Get them for free this Cyber Monday. Sugar Sweet Game🍬 Ariana, gives you a peek of the ultimate game-changer—the Microminimus Candy Cane Crush Knicker. This isn’t your average knicker; it’s a […]

Tayla’s Go-To Glam: The Ultimate See-Through Dress

Tayla’s enchanting beauty radiates in her behind-the-scenes video as she flaunts a dazzling, see-through dress. Under Your Spell 🪄 Tayla’s bewitching presence commands attention in her Microminimus Aura Dress. At the core of Microminimus lies a daring vision—to redefine seduction where every curve is celebrated, and every gaze is captivated and everyone will fall Under […]

Bubble Babes: Tamika & Ilana in Their Sexy See-Through Bikini

Sexy duo, Tamika and Ilana will elevate your sexy standards in their behind-the-scenes video, flaunting the sheer seduction of their see-through bikinis — The Microminimus Bubble Mesh. Bring on the Bubbles 🫧 Ilana & Tamika, clad in their latest Microminimus Bubble Mesh Bikini redefines the real meaning of sexy! ❤️‍🔥 At Microminimus, our burning desire is […]

Tamika Unleashes Her Goddess Beauty in Bound Roses Bodysuit

Step into the bewitching realm of allure as we unveil the mesmerizing behind-the-scenes footage of Tamika adorned in the divine Microminimus Bound Rose Bodysuit.  Goddess Beauty ✨ Tamika is giving Goddess Vibes in her Microminimus Bound Roses Bodysuit that comes with 1902 Bodysuit and 6002 Crotchless Thong. Microminimus believes that the pursuit of desire is […]

Heather’s Wild Times in her Naughty Revealing Mesh Lingerie

An up-close encounter that’s hotter than hot! Watch Heather’s behind-the-scenes video in her revealing lingerie – Microminimus Wild Times Bodysuit. The temperature’s soaring, and you’re in for a front-row seat to the wild allure she’s about to unleash. 🤒 Play it Wild… Heather turned up the heat even more in her revealing lingerie and this […]

Ariana’s Tempting Video in her Tempest Sling Bikini

So tempting! 🤤 Brace yourself for Ariana’s behind-the-scene video, a true force of nature, as she takes the spotlight in the new Microminimus Tempest Sling Bikini. Here Comes the Storm Ariana is confidently wearing the New Microminimus Tempest Sling Bikini that accentuates her curves. 🫦 In the sultry world of Microminimus, we believe in embracing […]

Destination Knicker: Heather’s Wild Ride with her Sexy Thongs

Absolutely sizzling! 🔥 Heather is about to take you on a tantalizing behind-the-scenes journey in her Microminimus Destination Knicker Pack. Get ready for pure sensuality! 😍 The Ultimate Centerpiece of Desire 🫦 Heather sizzles in her ultra-sexy knickers. Her allure is undeniable, her confidence unmatched, and her sensuality utterly captivating. It’s as if each knicker […]

Jade x Harmony : The Revealing Show off in their Mesh Outfit

Get ready for a wild ride as Jade and Harmony step into the spotlight, showing off their jaw-dropping Showstopper mesh outfits. It’s all about sizzle, style, and sensuality in this electrifying journey. 🔥💋 Sexy Mesh, anyone? Jade and Harmony, two fierce sirens who redefine the very essence of a show stopper as they don their […]

Tamika’s Wildest Moment with her Wild Card Bikini

Tamika’s Bold Behind-the-scene video with her Wild Card Micro Bikini Dive into a world where adventure beckons, the sun promises daring escapades, and the bikini game reaches a whole new level. Join Tamika’s wildest behind-the-scenes video with her new Microminimus Wild Card Bikini where playing it safe is ancient history.  Wildest Moments 😈 Tamika is […]

Jemma and Luana Heat Up the Scene with their Hot Outfits

 Jemma and Luana’s Hot Behind-the-Scenes with Hot Shorts and Skirt Attention! Prepare for a steamy video that’ll make your style senses tingle. Sexy duo, Jemma and Luana are about to turn the heat up to volcanic levels in a behind-the-scenes video that’ll leave you breathless with their hot outfits. Misbehave Shorts Jemma flaunts her sexy curves […]

Tamika’s Revealing Bikini Blaze Temptation

Prepare yourself for an exclusive sneak peek into a world of scorching temptation and jaw-dropping sensuality. Tamika’s sultry behind-the-scenes video reveals her bold choice in wearing the Microminimus Link Micro Bikini – a revealing swimsuit that doesn’t just blend in but commands the spotlight! 🔥 Bold and Revealing Tamika screams confidence and power in her […]

Passionate Couple: James and Ilana in Sultry Swimwear

Get ready to set the beach on fire with the sexiest men’s swimwear secrets you’ve ever seen. James and Ilana’s passionate behind-the-scenes video shows you how you can confidently walk the shoreline with your special someone. The Ultimate Beachside Temptation James smolders on the scene, his chiseled form perfectly complimented by the Microminimus Men’s Swimwear […]

Heather’s Intimate Play Room Lingerie Seduction

 Heather’s Steamy Behind-the-Scenes with Play Room Lingerie Are you ready to plunge into Heather’s world where passion and desire take center stage? Brace yourself for a journey beyond your wildest imagination with this behind-the-scenes video of our provocative Play Room Exclusive 3-Piece Lingerie Pack in new teasing turquoise color – a collection that’ll ignite your […]

Daring Duo: Lauren and Minki in a Barely There Bikini

Minki and Lauren’s Luscious Behind-the-Scenes with Sheer Illusion Bikini Sun-kissed poolside, golden sun, and sparkling water. In this enchanting setting, Lauren and Minki’s presence exudes elegance and confidence, and they’re about to reveal something extraordinary in this behind-the-scenes video with their micro bikini in fresh new colors – Lemon and Sky. A sheer masterpiece that […]

Sheer Bikini: Amy’s Scorching That Summer Bikini Fling

Amy’s Flirtatious Behind-the-Scenes with That Summer Bikini A sun-drenched paradise, where the sands shimmer like spun gold, the waves tease with a playful wink, and big rocks stand sentinel along the shore.. Now, blend in an aura of mystery, a sprinkle of cheekiness, and a generous serving of desire, and you’ll step into Amy’s world—a […]

Heather’s Explosive Nitro Sling Bikini Affair

Extra Daring Behind the Scene Video with Heather in Nitro Sling Bikini Dive into the world of explosive allure, where living on the edge is the name of the game. If you’re the kind of babe who craves thrill and excitement, who laughs in the face of safety, then hold onto your senses because you’re […]

Wild Born x Love Games: Harmony and Heather’s Lingerie Delight

Sultry Harmony & Heather: Fiery Lingerie Mashup Video 🔥 Get ready to set your screens on fire with Harmony & Heather’s Lingerie Mashup Video – a steamy blend of desire, boldness, and confidence that flaunts the magnetic appeal of our latest sexy lingerie gems. Explore the Hottest Additions to Our Lingerie Lineup As the camera […]

Harmony’s Playfully Seductive Side in Rebel Heart Bikini

Behind the Scenes Video with Harmony in Rebel Heart Bikini Imagine a world where the sun’s warmth feels like a sensual caress, the waves share their juiciest secrets, and all eyes can’t help but follow a figure oozing undeniable sexiness. hang onto that daydream, because we’re about to whisk you away on a journey that’ll awaken […]

How To Sizzle This Summer?

Tayla Reveals Her Secret In This Micromininus See-Through Maxi Dress! Step into a world of daring style with our exclusive BTS video featuring Tayla, as she showcases the NEW Microminimus Show Stopper Maxi Dress. This maxi dress is a game changer in beach-style fashion and is here to redefine your summer wardrobe. Head over to […]

Redefining Bold: Heather Unleashes Her Wild Side In Wild Born White Lingerie

Behind the Scenes Video with Heather in Wild Born White Lingerie Watch as Heather steps up to the daring challenge, showcasing Microminimus’ Wild Born White Lingerie in this exclusive lingerie behind-the-scenes video. Unleash your inner wild spirit and shop the provocative collection at the MM shop right now. This video captures the essence of Wild […]

Tayla’s Bold Adventure In Microminimus’ Micro Mesh Strawberry Kiss Bikini

Behind the Scenes Welcome, thrill-seekers and daredevils, to our latest sensation, the Microminimus Micro Mesh Strawberry Kiss! Get ready to push the boundaries with this daringly see-through bikini, a true game-changer in your pool and beach affairs. Unapologetically sheer, this sexy new range is made for those who dare to bare. Head over to Microminimus […]

Double The Heat: Sexy Model Mashup With Heather & Temmii In See-Through Bikinis

Prepare for a thrilling visual extravaganza as Heather and Temmii set the stage ablaze in this new Microminimus sexy model mashup video. Today, these ladies are here to make waves, showcasing new daringly see-through bikinis. But don’t just watch – join the thrill! Dive in and shop here now. In this adrenaline-packed video, brace yourself, […]

Slay Like A Queen: Valeria Reigns Supreme Wearing The Nefertiti Bikini

Valeria’s beauty, like the ultimate queen Nefertiti, is the stuff of legends! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to watch this gorgeous gal’s steamy new Microminimus video featuring the new Nefertiti Bikini. You can cop her looks and much more here. You too can channel the queen’s iconic style with the Microminimus Nefertiti Bikini. This […]

Jadey Makes A Sexy Statement In A See-Through Mesh Mini Dress

A see-through sexy mesh mini dress? Yes, please! Watch and get an exclusive behind the scenes peek at Jadey’s new sizzling Microminimus photoshoot. You can find all the sexy styles she wears here. Life’s too short to wear boring dresses… So why not wear something daring, sexy and see-through instead? Watch the stunning Jadey rock a […]

A Bombshell In Birthday Sling Bikinis:

Jadey Models Ultra-Naughty Microminimus Bikinis! Microminimus is turning 12! The world’s number 1 bikini lovers community is celebrating 12 years of mischief with extra special limited edition birthday bikinis and packs. See the ultra-hot bikinis for yourself in this new behind-the-scenes video featuring the stunning Jadey. Then shop all the styles and SAVE with special birthday prices here.  […]

Jessica x Harmony | Brunette Bombshells Model Sexy Sling Bikinis!

Don’t miss Jessica and Harmony’s super sexy Microminimus new sexy model mashup video! Love sling bikinis? You can find all the items in this video plus so much more here. Brunette Bombshells Model Sexy Sling Bikinis! If you want to see two brunette bombshells in naughty sling bikinis… Then you’ve come to the right place! In […]

Bikini Babe Alert:

SEXY BIKINI BABE ALERT! Harmony’s Sexy Sling Bikini Try-On Haul Will Blow Your Mind! Go behind the scenes with the sexy bikini babe, Harmony as she models 4 extremely sexy sling bikini styles! Time to go daring all the way and shop all the naughty bikini pieces she wears  here. Sling into March Madness with 20% […]

Unleashing Her Wild Side: Harmony Wows In Bold Sheer Leopard Lingerie

Wild, Bold, Sheer Leopard Lingerie 🐾 Get ready to see Harmony unleash her wild side wearing super hot and fierce leopard lingerie in this new Microminimus behind-the-scenes video! Then, you can shop all the naughty items she wears here. What sassy alter ego do you want to channel tonight? A naughty minx, sexy seductress or […]

Captivating Crystal in Hot White Mini Skirt & Booty Shorts!

Hot White Mini Skirt & Booty Shorts 🤍 Want a sexy sneak peek of Crystal’s latest Microminimus photoshoot? Then you’ll definitely want to watch this new behind the scenes video! Afterwards, you can shop all the items she wears here. Anywhere you go in the world… From the coast of Spain to the beaches of Brazil, you […]

Wild & Reckless: Harmony’s Steamy Lingerie & Bikini Photoshoot

Want to see Harmony heat up the set in steamy sheer lingerie and bikinis? Then you won’t want to miss this new video! Afterwards, you can shop all the sheer lingerie & bikini here. Why play it safe…When you can play it sexy? ‘Cause let’s be real here, safe means boring! So why not make […]

Light Up The Vegas Strip: Jemma’s Ultimate “Sin City” Party Dresses Are Here

The Ultimate Party Dress Vegas, baby! Watch Jemma show off not just 1, but 2 ultimate party dresses in this sexy new Microminimus behind the scenes video! You can shop all the styles she wears and MORE here. They say good girls go to heaven, and bad girls go to Vegas… So pack your bags […]

Sexy Babes Amy & Jessica Steal the Spotlight in Naughty Mesh Bikinis

s Sexy Pastel Bikini 🍬 Fancy some sexy mesh pastel bikinis? Then go behind the scenes with Amy and Jessica in this sexy model mashup video! Fall in love with mesh and shop all the hot pieces here. Your day just got a lot more exciting! Because in this new mashup video, you’ll get to […]

Feel The Sparks: Gorgeous Jade Models Lacy Red Lingerie

Lacey Red Lingerie 🍓   Join the stunning Jade on the set of her sexy Microminimus’ lacey red lingerie photoshoot! You can shop all the items she wears here! Chemistry never lies. So when you feel the attraction, you know it’s for real. Like when you see Jade in lacy red lingerie… you’ll definitely feel […]

Microminimus Model Mash Up Ft. Sexy Babes Crystal, Ilana & Jemma

Sexy Models! Get ready for some serious eye candy with three of Microminimus’ sexy models in this brand new mashup video! And hey, once you’re done drooling, why not snag their sizzling styles right here on this page? Crystal, Ilana and Jemma… These three stunning babes are here to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at […]

Born To Be Wild: Tayla Models Extra Daring & Sheer Lingerie

Behind the Scenes Get ready for a very sexy behind the scenes peek at Tayla’s recent photoshoot for Microminimus. Then, shop all the styles here. Admit it, you were born to be wild! Strong, independent and up for any challenge or adventure. And in today’s naughty behind the scenes video you’ll get to see the gorgeous […]

Hot Mesh Miracle: Jadey Sizzles By The Pool In Naughty See-Through Bikinis

Take a dip in the pool with Jadey as she wears one of Microminimus’ all-time naughtiest bikinis! If you dare – shop all the styles from this video here. Admit it. You love to stand out! Whether it’s a simple beach outing, an impromptu game with friends, or even a sizzling night out with your girls. Anywhere, anytime, […]

Sexy, Sparkly & Perfectly Naughty! Lauren’s Microminimus Beach Photoshoot

Sexy, sparkly and naughty… Words that perfectly describe this Microminimus video. Trust us, you won’t want to miss Lauren’s hot new behind the scenes video Hit play, then find all the sexy items she wears here. Sometimes a tiny amount of fabric can have a massive impact! Just like the naughty bikini Lauren models in […]

Step Into Naughty Paradise: Coco Models Hot Sheer Bikinis

Get ready for an extra sexy behind-the-scenes video with Coco in her super HOT sheer bikinis!   Good news – you can shop all the sexy styles she wears here. Picture this scene: Clear water, white sand, and palm trees in every direction… No doubt, the ideal location to reveal a naughty bikini made from sheer lace! Step […]

Remembering Raquel Welsh

A Fashion Icon  Remember the fur bikini from the film “One Million Years B.C.” (1966)? Well, of course you do! It’s a sexy image that will forever be etched in almost everyone’s memories. It’s so iconic that some say it played a significant role in making micro bikinis famous! And who’s the sexy lady behind this […]

Bahama Bikini Babe

Bikini babe Maddy, rocks the sexy Bahama Bikinis in this hot behind-the-scenes video! Check out the video, then shop all the newest bikini styles on this page here.    If spending the day by the pool with a gorgeous model in a tiny bikini sounds like your idea of fun…  Then you’ll definitely enjoy going [...]

Mel Wears The Microminimus Love Bound Lingerie | With BONUS How-To-Wear Video!

Ready to bring the thrill? Let Microminimus babe Mel show you how it’s done! Watch her as she looks naughty as ever wearing the Love Bound. Don’t get jealous, you can get yours here. A lingerie made entirely from soft stretchy elastics? Only Microminimus can produce a lingerie this seductive! And if you still need convincing [...]

Sexy Show Stopper Dress: Behind The Scenes With Skye

Skye steals the spotlight in this sultry new photoshoot for Microminimus. So hit that play button and go behind the scenes with her now! You can shop the steamy dress she wears here. Your night (or day) is about to get much more exciting! Because in today’s hot new video, you’ll get to watch Skye model [...]

Risqué Outdoor Try On Haul With Kristy & Zoe

Join Kristy and Zoe for a very sexy Microminimus try on haul! These gorgeous ladies have a very special treat for you today. You’ll get to watch them try on some of the hottest and most daring styles from Microminimus. Gear up for some sizzling hot takes! We’re talking see-through micro bikinis, naughty lingerie, and […]

Kayleigh Stuns In Naughty Dresses

Head behind the scenes of Kayleigh’s sizzling photoshoot for Microminimus! Looking for the ultimate party & naughty dress to wear for your next night out? Something sultry, sexy and a little bit naughty that leaves just the right amount to the imagination? Then you’ll love the stunning dresses Kayleigh rocks in this video.  So let’s […]

Feel The Heat: Sexy Microminimus Try On Haul With Tanita!

Tanita turns up the heat in this very sexy Microminimus Try On Haul video! Join her as she gives her honest review about some of the world’s sultriest bikinis, dresses, and more. Warning: this sexy try on haul video is HOT! So you better watch it with caution in mind.  Tanita is obsessed about the Bahama Club Top […]

10 Years of Microminimus! Celebrate with Sexy Melissa in our 2021 Birthday Micro Bikinis

Ten years of mischief with Microminimus! Oh, a decade of love for micro bikinis.  Let’s celebrate the Microminimus way! Go behind the scenes and spend a hot day at the beach with Melissa. Watch her rock the 2021 Microminimus Birthday Bikinis in this sexy bikini video now. Melissa wears an immaculately white micro bikini with […]

Microminimus Sexy Models Mashup Vol 3

2 is better than 1! So let Jemma and Skye heat up your day with this sizzling video Jemma and Skye. Undeniably two of the most sought-after models in Microminimus, and with good reason. Watch this hot video and pretty sure, you’ll be falling hard for these gorgeous ladies soon! Skye wears the Microminimus VIP [...]

Smashing Sexy: Coco Wears The Sexy Outerwear Microminimus Bahama Club

Hot Coco, anyone? 😉 Watch the newest babe at Microminimus in this exclusive behind-the-scenes scenes video with her sexy outerwear! Fresh and so hot! Coco leaves us speechless as she rocks wearing the Bahama Club Dress, Top, and Shorts. What are you waiting for? Come on and watch this sexy video now! The Microminimus Bahama […]

Harmony: Hot & Sexy In Microminimus Rebel Mesh Bikini

From naughty lingerie to hot dresses and mesh bikini, you’ll absolutely love what you see in this Microminimus behind-the-scenes video with Harmony. Gorgeous scenery, hot outfits, and a stunning babe… doesn’t get much better than this! Join Harmony for her steamy Microminimus photoshoot and watch her work her magic in this fun video. Harmony looks […]

Tayla Shows Us How It’s Done! Ft. Microminimus Lace Scandal

Flaunt your naughty side wearing the Microminimus Lace Scandal Bikini! Watch this sexy video now and let Tayla show us how it’s done. Missed Tayla here in Microminimus? Then all the more reason to hit that play button now. Go behind the scenes with this lovely lady and get an exclusive sneak peek of what […]

Skye Wears The Illusion Lycra: A Naughty Microminimus Behind The Scenes Video

Skye is back at Microminimus and she’s hotter than ever! She shows us the new Microminimus Illusion Lycra in this naughty sexy video. Watch Skye as she creates a naughty illusion wearing the Illusion Lycra Bikinis. With its clear straps, this micro bikini bikini is designed to play with everyone’s mind. Is it there? Is […]

Scarlet’s Naughty Obsessions: An Extra Hot Microminimus Try On Haul Video

Get ready for a sizzling hot Microminimus try on haul video with Scarlet! A sexy dress, micro bikinis, sheer lingerie and much, much more! You’ll get to see Scarlet try on a range of naughty Microminimus styles and hear what she thinks about these daring pieces. Spoiler alert: She looks drop dead sexy in each […]

Sammy models Spritz Mesh Micro Lingerie

100% See-Through: Stunning Sammy Wears Sheer Mesh 100% see-through! Watch the stunning Sammy model one of Mircominimus’ sexiest and sheerest micro lingerie range in this behind-the-scenes video. What kind of lingerie do you wear when you want to feel sexy, flirty and naughty all at the same time? Super sheer lingerie, of course!  Because 100% […]

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