Pursuit Ruby Red 5840 Dress

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Pursuit Ruby Red 5840 Dress

  • Lace-up super high side slits.
  • Maxi cut.
  • Low back.
  • Silver rings and trims.
  • Iconic Microminimus M silver flag at the center back.

Effortlessly Seductive

A quick glance in the mirror and you’re satisfied with what you see.. You're not just elegant - you're dangerously seductive in your Microminimus Pursuit Maxi dress. It clings to your curves in all the right places, flowing effortlessly with every step you take. The crowd parts as you make your way to the bar, The dress is so sexy and sheer, you can feel the weight of countless stares. “"Who is she?" "She's hot!" And there he is — eyes hot and hungry as they travel the length of your sheer dress. You wink, blown kisses in his direction, and you're gone, leaving him aching for more. “Looks like, I’ll be needing this sexy dress for my next date”

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Dresses | 5840 | Sheer | Red

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The New Microminimus Pursuit 5840 Maxi Dress is made from a luxurious soft sheer stretch mesh fabric. Clinging to your curves in all the right places and flowing effortlessly as you walk!

80% Nylon 20% Elastane - Fully Sheer all the time. Luxurious soft sheer mesh fabric.

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