Aqua Marina Collection

Looking for the ultimate birthday surprise for your special someone? If so, here’s a fun and sexy gift idea they’ll never forget: First, plan a getaway to your favorite beach destination. Then, let him catch a glimpse of you in your sensational 2023 Microminimus Birthday Aqua Marina Bikini. Make sure to choose the Aqua Marina Sling Pack so it includes 1 classic tri top, 1 cheeky bottom and the ever daring Sling Bottom! Next, take him snorkeling around the reef… And as he explores the underwater world, swim in front of him so he can see the extra special surprise you have in store for him: Your bikini turning completely see-through under the water! He won’t believe his eyes as he stares with delight at this naughty transformation. Talk about an unforgettable birthday! 😉
The Aqua Marina Birthday Bikini is 1 of 2 Exclusive Limited Edition Ranges designed to celebrate Microminimus’ 12th Birthday this 2023! This gorgeous bikini range is made from lightweight stretch fabric with a soft, satin feel in very light mint color plus contrasting bright printed binds and ties. This bikini also comes with a naughty surprise: it turns see-through once you get it wet!

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