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Shut down your laptop. Pack up your purse. You’ve got steamy plans for tonight and not a minute to spare! Good thing you’re already wearing your naughty Microminimus After 5 Lingerie. Sure, from the outside, you look like business as usual… But under your outfit, you’re wearing super sexy lingerie that was nearly impossible to keep as a secret all day. You smile to yourself at the thought of finally revealing this sultry surprise… “WOW!” That’s really the only word that’ll come to mind at the sight of you in it. That is, if any words come out at all. 😉
The Microminimus After 5 Lingerie is designed to generate “wow” moments! This gorgeous lingerie is made from stretch sheer lace with contrasting elastics. Wear this naughty lingerie whenever you want to put a sexy spring in your step and feel absolutely fabulous!

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