Aura Maxi Black Collection

Picture this – You're the guest of honor at a sultry masquerade ball

Your identity concealed by a delicate mask.

The room buzzes with intrigue…

And as you enter in your Microminimus Aura Maxi Dress, all eyes are irresistibly drawn to you.

“Who is she?”. The question lingers in the air as you continue to make your grand entrance

You’re casting a spell on anyone who dares to look your way.

The night is young and in your sparkly see-through maxi, you're the queen of it all.

So, embrace the night, seduce the crowd, and let them fall under your spell.

After all, in this dress - The night belongs to you ;)
The New Aura 5825 Maxi Dress is made from a sexy sheer stretch mesh fabric with a glitter finish - see-through and sparkly! Let everyone fall under your spell with this seductive dress! ;)

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