Bound Passion Collection

In the heat of a summer night, a breathtaking lingerie design was born. “Bound Passion” A sexy lingerie made entirely of satin straps… And designed as such to be a tribute to liberation of desires! This sexy bodysuit whispered stories of hidden fantasies. Calling to the adventurous souls who yearned to explore uncharted territories of pleasure! Do you hear it calling out to you? Our advice? ;) Heed to the call and experience unapologetic pleasure! With the Bound Passion Bodysuit, the world is yours to seduce…
The Microminimus Bound Passion 1930 Bodysuit is made entirely of satin straps plus gold hardware. All straps are designed to be adjustable so you can always find your perfect fit! Liberate your desires and explore your fantasies, get your Bound Passion today. ;)

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