Charisma Jade Waters and Berry Kiss Collection

Opulent ballroom. Champagne flowing. Laughter filling the air. Then, a hush falls over the room as you grace the scene in your Microminimus Charisma Dress. The sheer dress clung to your every curve. While each daring cutout seduces everyone around you. A mysterious stranger approaches you, your eyes lock in with his. You dance together, succumbing to the magnetic pull of desire. With every whisper and stolen touch, your phenomenal dress becomes your accomplice. Your Charisma Dress transformed you into a queen of desires… And you’re loving it!
Created from a luxurious soft sheer stretch mesh fabric, this dress is truly a work of art. Its alluring sheer construction, combined with daring short sleeve design, sets the stage for unleashing your innate charisma. Prepare to make a lasting impression in this irresistible ensemble.

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