Daisy Chain Collection

Two words your sexy new admirer might use to describe you at first glance: Sweet and innocent. That is until you get a little bit closer… And his jaw drops to the floor as he realizes (with surprise and delight!) that the sexy Microminimus Daisy Chain Dress you’re wearing is see-through and not so innocent after all! A few new words that come to his mind? Naughty. Risqué. Sexy. Smoking Hot! Looks like he’ll need an entire dictionary to describe how hot you look in this mini dress! So sit back and relax… It’s going to take him a while to find all the right words. 😉
The Microminimus Daisy Chain 5670 Dress is so naughty, it will leave all your admirers totally speechless! This sexy dress is made from soft sheer fine mesh with a gorgeous daisy print, which means it’s just as comfortable as it is very sexy! The dress features a plunging neckline, an adjustable strap around the neck, and the M silver flag. Just be careful, ‘cause you’re guaranteed to break hearts when you wear this gorgeous dress!

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