Flirtation Orchid Collection

Shy to make the first move? Oh baby, not you! Holding back on some serious flirting? Not a chance! Thanks to your Microminimus Flirtation Lace Lingerie, the femme fatale in you has awakened. This lace-kissed lingerie accentuates your every curve and your every move. Who knew such power could be drawn from lingerie? ;) With your Flirtation Lace Lingerie, you feel unstoppable. Now, watch out world - you’re the one calling the shots now!
The Microminimus Flirtation Lace Lingerie is a daring game changer! Crafted from sheer stretch lace, this isn’t just lingerie – it’s a femme fatale’s armor. Once you slip it on, you’ll feel unstoppable and in command! The NEW 1326 Bra flaunts a flirty micro lace cup framed in satin adjustable straps, creating a teasing half-cup in the lace! The soft satin straps playfully adjust over your shoulders with a gold ring at the center back to the lace detail. It also opens with a front hook! The NEW 6021 Panties come with a front micro lace panel and a lace back panel - features that add a sexy touch to this flirty lingerie. While the back and side straps are made from our soft satin elastic.

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