Long Weekend Multi Collection

It’s the weekend that everyone anticipated… The beach was packed with a discord of laughter and the sound of crashing waves. When suddenly… Conversations hushed, and eyes widened. Men and women alike were captivated by the enchanting figure that dominated the shore. As you strode onto the golden sands, your Microminimus Long Weekend Bikini stole the breaths of every soul that dared to glance your way. Your sexy bikini seemed to have its own language… Whispering tales of wild nights and endless summers. YOU felt invincible, as if you commanded the very tides. Wild, unapologetic, and free. The sheer mesh fabric was not just a fashion statement; It was a banner of your liberation. ;)
The Microminimus Long Weekend Bikini is made from fine stretch mesh with lurex stripe contrast fabric. This see-through bikini is for the wild, daring and unapologetic babes who want to dominate the shores! The 318 Tri Top seamlessly blends a classic cut with a touch of flair – courtesy of the naughty see-through panels! With adjustments available for both the neck and underbust, it guarantees an impeccable fit. Opt for a smaller size for a bolder look, or size up for a bit more coverage. Meet the 438 Thong Bottoms – stylish and chic with a dash of intrigue, thanks to the peek-a-boo keyhole cut-out at the back. This style comes with mesh sides, and the M metal flag.

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