Nitro Yellow Pink and Purple Orange Collection

Play it safe? Nah, where’s the thrill in that? An extra daring babe like you lives for explosive adventures. And you deserve a partner in crime – a bikini that matches your spirit, daring you to live life on your own terms! Introducing the Microminimus Nitro Sling Bikini. With this blazing bikini, your explosive living is matched up with daring style. Designed for babes who don’t just flirt with adventure, but French Kiss it! It isn’t just a bikini; it’s a catalyst for living life explosively. So buckle up, and strap into the Microminimus Nitro Sling Bikini today! ;)
The Microminimus Nitro Bikini Sling Set is for the extra daring babes. This explosive set leaves little to the imagination, just how you like it! The straps are made from high quality and long-lasting nylon lycra with gorgeous contrast straps and binds. It’s designed to stretch and shape around your body, so you can always get a perfect fit!

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