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The moment you put on your risqué Microminimus Play Room Lingerie made from nothing but straps and rings… You’ll step into a parallel universe where normal rules no longer apply. The kind of place where handcuffs are a good thing… And where you can never have enough harness inspired lingerie. Catch our drift? We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. 😉 Let’s just say this: The naughty Play Room Lingerie is racy enough to excite even Christian Grey. So make sure whoever gets to see you wearing it knows what’s in store for them. ‘Cause it’s definitely not for the faint of heart!
The Microminimus Play Room Lingerie is made entirely from soft stretchy elastics that are fully adjustable so you can always find your perfect fit. Wear over a sexy outfit, with lingerie or if you’re feeling extra… then, all on its own! 😉

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