Rule Breaker Silver Leopard Collection

Rules are made to be broken. ‘Cause when you follow them, you miss all the fun! And your calling in life is to leave the world a more interesting (and naughtier) place! Honey, we know you’re rebellious by nature. That’s why we designed the sexy Microminimus Rule Breaker Silver Leopard Bikini just for you. So you can wear this gorgeously sheer bikini and make your own rules. Our guess? Once you put on this see-through bikini and strut your stuff at the beach (or pool) everyone will want to throw out the old rule book… And follow your new naughty rules instead!
The Microminimus Rule Breaker Silver Leopard Bikini is made from a deluxe fabric with a metallic foil print and bonded mesh overlay AND soft sheer mesh fabric panels. With the daring combination of stunning metallic look and see-through mesh – you’re guaranteed to steal everyone’s attention everywhere you go! The 3250 Tri Top gives a naughty spin on timeless style. This style features see-through center panels that ensures you become the center of attention (always!). This piece offers an adjustable fit around your neck and under your bust, ensuring it fits perfectly to your figure. The 4250 Micro Thong promises to captivate every onlooker that has the luck of meeting you. This extra daring micro thong has all the features that you need: a triangle back, see-through front center panel, silver rings and the silver M flag. The 875 One Piece is a sexy spectacle that’s sure to leave everyone spellbound! This style is jaw dropping at the front and even more at the back! It features a front center see-through front panel, along with adjustable straps that sexily converge at the back, seam at the crotch, and a daring string back.