Siren Song Collection

Just think… What could possibly lead sailors to lose all rhyme and reason and crash their ships against the rocks? Some say mermaids. While others say sea sickness. Well, we have another theory… It all could happen because of a gorgeous woman walking along the shore in a super hot bikini! Much like the naughty Microminimus Siren Song Sling Bikini made from dazzling sheer lace. Cause one look at you in this bikini will never be enough… And who knows what someone will do to get a second look! Let’s just hope they’re not operating a ship, airplane, or car. ;)
The Microminimus Siren Song Sling Bikini is made from a soft sheer lace fabric with a very intricate and distinct pattern. This bikini set features contrasting binds and strings in purple. Caution: It will be (hands down) one of the naughtiest, sexiest and most daring bikinis you’ve ever worn. Plus, it’s see-through even before you get it wet.

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