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Sometimes it’s cute to play coy, but other times showing off your sex appeal is exactly what the situation calls for.

Both sheer and mesh leave little to the imagination, but which one makes up the best see-through bikinis out there? Learn about the differences between these two sexy looks before you shop for your next photo shoot.

The Most Revealing Bikini Material

Before slipping into a suit that’s barely there, you need to decide the effect you’re going for.
Two fabric types come to mind as the best see-through bikini materials: sheer and mesh.
Microminimus sheer fabrics are high-quality, light, soft and appear semi-sheer when dry but will transform to see-through sultry when wet.
Meanwhile, Microminimus mesh fabrics are made from high-quality stretch mesh that are sheer before and after getting wet.
The mesh fabrics vary in size, from small and subtle to large and loud.

Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabrics are most often lightweight, stretchy, delicate and soft on the skin, and appear semi-sheer when dry but turn transparent when wet. This last feature makes them ideal for the most revealing bikini looks. Just imagine the surprised looks you will get just after you take a dip in the pool or in the ocean.

MM’s most common type of sheer bikini is made from a durable, soft, sheer knitted lycra fabric. It’s so light and smooth to touch, it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all!

The fabric is amazingly stretchy, moving with your body when worn.

Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric boomed in popularity in the mid-1980s when it started to appear on mainstream television. Pop icons on MTV wore it while big-name brands used mesh in their apparel. The mesh bikini look is without a doubt sexy, but just what makes mesh one of the best materials for the most revealing bikinis?

For one, mesh is loosely woven and provides great flexibility. Typically, it’s available in a wide range of weights from lightweight, power mesh to open mesh. Either way, you are guaranteed to turn some heads no matter where you decide to sport your bikini—both online and offline.

What’s Better: Sheer or Mesh?

Finding the most revealing bikini always comes down to how much you wish to reveal and being comfortable in the bikini and ultimately, yourself. The latter you could work out by deciding which styles work for you.

Sheer fabrics are a great option if you like to have some filter when it’s dry. But it’s also like having two bikinis in one – just add water to change the transparency and… boom! A new look for you, and a surprise for everyone else!

Whereas, Mesh is not for the faint hearted! It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s breezy – with the breeze literally blowing through to your skin. So if you prefer the freedom that goes with a mesh bikini – then, you have your best see-through bikini winner!

MM’s best see-through bikinis are sure to please bikini lovers visiting your profile page, and both sheer and mesh produce that racy reaction. Sheer offers a seductive allure while bold mesh gets to the bare necessities. Either way, the bikini community goes wild.

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Shop Bikini Styles at Microminimus

If you’re looking for a gorgeous bikini for the woman in your life, this guide should help you to know what you’re looking for! Now, it’s time to start shopping. Head over to Microminimus’ bikini shop to browse our styles online. From flirty thongs to sporty styles, we’ve got something for every woman.