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Are you confused by the many different types of micro bikinis out there?

If you are, you’re not alone! Snaps, adjustable straps, and side-ties may all sound like jargon, but they’re terms you might have to be aware of if you’re looking to buy a bikini.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at bikini bottom styles. In particular, we’ll be unwrapping the details of thongs, string backs, Brazilians, and normal bikinis, so that you can choose the style that’s right for your woman. From coverage to best uses, we’ve got everything covered.

Read on to learn more and make sure you always make the right choice!

Thong Bikini

A thong bikini is exactly the same as normal thongs worn as underwear. It can have either a thin or thick band around the hips and a small strip of fabric that lies between the buttocks. In terms of coverage, this is pretty minimal!
If you know the woman you’re buying for is self-conscious about her bum, this probably isn’t the best option. It leaves very little to the imagination. But, it is a very sexy style and perfect for a woman who loves to show off what she’s got.
It’s also the best bikini for sunbathing. With little fabric, you’re going to see far fewer tan lines! If you’re choosing the thong bikini for this reason, make sure to pick super thin straps too.

String Back Bikini

A string back bikini (or just a string bikini) is any style that uses strings as the bands around the hips and around the chest. Instead of a thick band, the strings are thin and add a sexier look.
They’re often able to be tied up too, which is perfect if you’re unsure of sizes! Also, women love adjustable bikinis – trust us on that. Do remember though that some bikini bottoms with string bands aren’t adjustable, though the tops always are.
It’s also important to note that string ties aren’t always as stable and secure as bands. If your woman loves to surf or swim, going with a normal bikini or one designed for water sports could be a better option.
But for sunbathing and a quick dip, string back bikini bottoms and tops are perfect. Because they’re so thin, they’re going to leave fewer tan lines (just like the thong-style). You can also easily undo the straps on the bikini top when laying on your front for an even tan.

Brazilian Bikini

When it comes to bikini options, the Brazilian style is a popular choice. A little bit cheeky but with more coverage than a thong, and support enough to wear for light water sports, it’s a great middle-ground.
The fabric on the back lies on the buttocks rather than between them, but still leaves plenty of cheek on show for women that are proud of their peaches! The higher cut on the butt allows for just enough skin, and the bikini bottoms sit just below your hits for an – almost – low-rise.
This is a good option for tanning, too. With less coverage than a normal bikini, your lady will have less obvious tan lines.
Brazilian bikinis are available with string ties, thicker bands, or thin bands for the in-between option. They’re probably one of the most common choices for heading to the beach.

Sling Bikini

Sling Bikinis are an exciting new trend in micro bikinis.

Much like a String-back or Thong bikini, a Sling Bikini typically offers minimal coverage.

The difference with the Sling is the straps stretch up over the shoulders for support as opposed to the hips. This unique way of wearing a bikini bottom pairs well with a bandeau-style bikini top.

Expect to draw a lot of attention in public when wearing a Sling Bikini and beware! They are not for the feint of heart.

Other Bikini Styles

These aren’t the only bikini styles. There are other options out there, and we’re going to have a quick run through a few of them.

There are cheeky bottoms, which are cut in a V shape and the middle-ground between normal and Brazilian. Flirty but without revealing too much, they’re a nice option to help your woman feel sexier.

There are also high-waisted bikini bottoms, which have become pretty popular over the past few years. A cute, vintage style, they provide more cover over stomachs and create a narrow, defined waistline. Super supportive, a high-waist is always a winner – but be aware of tan lines!

Bikini shorts are the third and final extra. These are mostly worn for watersports as they provide a lot more coverage, and aren’t a good choice for sunbathers. Unless you know that your woman actively wants a pair of bikini shorts, we’d say stick to the other options in this guide.

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If you’re looking for a gorgeous bikini for the woman in your life, this guide should help you to know what you’re looking for! Now, it’s time to start shopping. Head over to Microminimus’ bikini shop to browse our styles online. From flirty thongs to sporty styles, we’ve got something for every woman.