Celebrate 10 Years Of Mischief: Sexy Melissa Wears The 2021 Microminimus Birthday Bikinis!

Ten years of mischief with Microminimus!

Oh, a decade of love for micro bikinis. 😉

Let’s celebrate the Microminimus way! Go behind the scenes and spend a hot day at the beach with Melissa. Watch her rock the 2021 Microminimus Birthday Bikinis in this sexy bikini video now.

Melissa wears an immaculately white bikini with stunning gold accents. And another one that is blue as the sky, and hot as the sun. With stunning bind and string in multi print with flecks of metallic gold!

What birthday bikini do you like best on this gorgeous gal? Totally understand if you can’t choose, though. We honestly can’t, too! 😉

This Microminimus lady is on Instagram! Follow Melissa here: @melssaking

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