Sexy, Sparkly & Perfectly Naughty! Lauren’s Microminimus Beach Photoshoot

Sexy, sparkly and naughty…

Words that perfectly describe this Microminimus video. Trust us, you won’t want to miss Lauren’s hot new behind the scenes video Hit play, then find all the sexy items she wears here.

Sometimes a tiny amount of fabric can have a massive impact!

Just like the naughty bikini Lauren models in her latest photoshoot for Microminimus.

No doubt about it, Lauren is radiant, captivating and extra sexy in this sparkly bikini! We think you’ll agree… a gorgeous babe like Lauren in a bikini this sexy deserves nothing short of a standing ovation!

Lauren wears the dazzling Flicker Bikini! This is the ultimate bikini to wear when you want all eyes on you. It’s made from stretch lurex fabric that sparkles in the sunlight.

So put on this fabulous bikini and step into the sun to watch it shimmer. Don’t be surprised if a few naughty onlookers try to sneak a photo 😉 Shop your Flicker Bikini here.

What did you think of this sexy video? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Make sure to follow Lauren on Instagram: @laurenmcgeachin

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