Wild & Reckless: Harmony’s Steamy Lingerie & Bikini Photoshoot

Want to see Harmony heat up the set in steamy sheer lingerie and bikinis?

Then you won’t want to miss this new video! Afterwards, you can shop all the sheer lingerie & bikini here.

Why play it safe…When you can play it sexy? ‘Cause let’s be real here, safe means boring!

So why not make things extra naughty instead? And what’s naughtier than sheer lingerie and bikinis, just like the sexy styles you’ll see Harmony model in this new Microminimus behind the scenes video.

Harmony looks ultra-sexy in the Wild Times Lingerie made from soft sheer mesh with a fine diamond pattern. The bodysuit comes in a long sleeves style with a deep v-neck cut, and hooks on the bum strings as well as the leggings to attach or detach.

Keep the leggings on or snap them off! How wild you want to get is up to you. 😉 This sheer lingerie is so hot, it’s sold out already! But don’t you worry, there are much more equally sexy lingerie ranges here.

Love the naughty bikini Harmony wears by the pool? It’s the Microminimus Reckless Adventure Bikini! It’s made from super silky soft material with racy mesh panels in very naughty places, which means all styles are sheer even before you get them wet.

The result? A see-through bikini that’s risqué, sultry and anything but boring! Shop the Microminimus Reckless Adventure range here.

Did you enjoy going behind the scenes with Harmony? Leave your comments below!

Don’t forget to follow Harmony on Instagram: @harmonypearl

Song: Balynt – No Gravity

Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/28ASX3Ng4N8

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