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Rebel Heart Lemon Twist Range

How To Turn a Bad Boy Good

They say never trust a bad boy. If you fall for one, you’ll only end up heartbroken. Oh, but they're so hard to resist! Good thing you have your extra sexy Microminimus Rebel Heart Bikini. This sheer mesh bikini is so hot & daring, it will steal any bad boy’s heart and make even the toughest of rebels go weak at the knees. So who’s the naughty heartbreaker now? 😉

Rebel Heart Lemon Twist 317 Tri Top Bikini

The 317 Tri Top is a sexy classic! This style is adjustable around both the neck and underbust so you can find your perfect fit. As always, you can size up for more coverage, or size down for less.

Rebel Heart Lemon Twist 353 Halter Top Bikini

The 353 Halter Top features thin tie-up straps that you can style in two sexy ways! The top is also adjustable in the back and comes with the M silver flag. This top offers medium coverage.

Rebel Heart Lemon Twist 427 Micro Bikini Bottom

The 427 Micro Thong features an itty-bitty front and a skimpy string back! This thong bottom has thick side straps, silver rings, and the M Flag. This style offers minimum coverage - very sexy indeed!

Rebel Heart Lemon Twist 469 Thong Bikini Bottom

The 469 Micro Thong features a sexy tri-back that you’re sure to fall in love with. This style comes with thick side straps, silver rings, and the M Flag. This style offers minimum coverage.

Rebel Heart Lemon Twist 819 One Piece Bikini

The 819 One-Piece is so sexy you’ll feel like you’re almost wearing nothing! This bikini is one of our smallest and definitely sexiest one-piece bikinis. It comes with a sexy peek-a-boo keyhole cutout in the front, a tri-back, adjustable straps with sliders around the neck and bust, silver rings, and our M silver Flag. This style offers small coverage.

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Mesh | Yellow

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The Microminimus Rebel Heart Bikini is too sexy to resist! This bikini is made from a NEW open knit mesh fabric with a stunning diamond pattern. Get ready to steal hearts and stares when you wear this naughty mesh bikini!

90% Polyester 10% Elastane

Ladies Sizing Guide

Harmony wears a Small/Medium Sling, Small Top, Bottoms & One Piece, X-Small Dress

Harmony's Measurements
Bust33.5 in / 85 cm
Waist25.5 in / 65 cm
Hips36.5 in / 93 cm
Height5'5 in / 168 cm

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