Ariana’s Double Sweet Treats for Cyber Monday Deal

Ariana’s behind-the-scenes video, unveiling her latest collection of sweet and tempting lingeries, sets desire ablaze and sends tingles through the senses this festive season! Get them for free this Cyber Monday.

Sugar Sweet Game🍬

Sexy Lace Knicker

Ariana, gives you a peek of the ultimate game-changer—the Microminimus Candy Cane Crush Knicker. This isn’t your average knicker; it’s a delectable twist on the familiar sweet game, ready to redefine your playground.

Crafted from sheer stretch embroidered lace, adorned with a sequin finish, this naughty little knicker holds the promise of sexy adventures, and men become mere candies, awaiting the crush of your sassy stride. 

This season of giving, Microminimus unwraps a gift just for you—the Candy Cane Crush Knicker. Slip it on, and let the sweetest games of desire commence.

The world is your playground, darling! 😉✨

Hoodwinked 😈

sexy christmas outfit

We’re not done giving you a gift, because once you purchase any Microminimus outfits, from micro bikinis, lingeries, to outers amounting $189 and up, you’ll not only get the sweet knicker, you’ll also get this ravishing deep red bodysuit – The Microminimus Hoodwinked

With a keyhole cutout that becomes your spotlight, you’re no longer the naive girl they thought you were. Plus, it has a fully detachable hood with Christmas-fluffy trim adds a playful touch. The spotlight is yours, and you have them all hoodwinked, wrapped around your finger. 

Let’s play and revel in the twist—because innocence is overrated, and you, my dear, are anything but naive. 😉✨

Head over to the Microminimus Shop and grab these sweet and sultry lingeries for FREE this Cyber Monday deal!

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