UNFILTERED: Men’s Swimwear Blow-Out With Jay & Steven! 😎

Gentlemen, prepare to have your summer fantasies ignited. The most anticipated men’s swimwear collection of the year is about to drop. Ladies, you’ve been spoiled with your micro bikinis, it’s time to indulge your man back with the Microminimus’ Menswear collection! 😘

Micro Bikini For Men 😎

Alright dude, lean in close because we’ve got the inside scoop on something that’s about to blow your mind. 🤯

You know that Microminimus men’s swimwear line everyone’s been buzzing about? Well, we just dropped our Big Summer Blow-Out collection, and it’s hotter than a beach bonfire with the new micro bikini for men – the 005 thong series!

Look at Jay and Steven rocking those unlined 007 trunks in Bondi and Byron – talk about pushing boundaries! And don’t even get me started on the Miami trunks. Those lighter colors are practically see-through when wet. It’s like they’re not even wearing anything!

These guys are rocking everything from barely-there thong for men to high-cut briefs and retro-inspired trunks, all designed to show off those sculpted muscles you’ve been working so hard for.

So grab yourself a cold one, sit back, and hit that play button.

And who knows, you might just find yourself inspired to take your own beach game to the next level.

Are you in? Head to the Microminimus shop now and look for the ‘Mens Swimwear’ section! Just act quickly as we’re almost selling out. 😎

Join us and share your thoughts!

Let’s chat! Which Microminimus menswear style would you rock on the beach? 🌴

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And don’t forget to follow Microminimus for all the juicy updates, exclusive drops, hot models in even hotter swimwear, and a chance to win up to $100! 😉

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