Long Weekend Multi 482 Micro Thong

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Long Weekend Multi 482 Micro Thong

The 482 Micro Bottom is one of our smallest and sexiest bottoms! It effortlessly achieves a blend of boldness and allure with its itty bitty front panel and open tri back design. This style also features the M metal flag.


It’s the weekend that everyone anticipated… The beach was packed with a discord of laughter and the sound of crashing waves. When suddenly… Conversations hushed, and eyes widened. Men and women alike were captivated by the enchanting figure that dominated the shore. As you strode onto the golden sands, your Microminimus Long Weekend Bikini stole the breaths of every soul that dared to glance your way. Your sexy bikini seemed to have its own language… Whispering tales of wild nights and endless summers. YOU felt invincible, as if you commanded the very tides. Wild, unapologetic, and free. The sheer mesh fabric was not just a fashion statement; It was a banner of your liberation. ;)

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Micro Bikini Bottoms | 482 | Mesh | Multi Orange

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The Microminimus Long Weekend Bikini is made from fine stretch mesh with lurex stripe contrast fabric. This see-through bikini is for the wild, daring and unapologetic babes who want to dominate the shores!

Nylon 75% Elastane 20% Lurex 5%

Ladies Sizing Guide

Lauren wears a Small/Medium Sling, X-Small Top, X-Small Bottom, X-Small One Piece

Lauren's Measurements
Bust34in / 87.5cm
Waist32in / 83cm
Hips36in / 91cm
Height5’7in / 172cm

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